Documentation - Affiliate Program

1. Introduction

TV-Hub offers an affiliate program where you bring new users to the platform and get a share when they buy a subscription. You can earn up to 35% depending on how many users you bring to Tv-Hub.

1.1 Getting started

To participate from the affiliate program simply go to the affiliate page and click the button "Create Affiliate Link"

1.2 Affiliate tiers

Depending on how many users you refer who buy a subscription you can improve your referral level and receive better benefits:

Tier 1

  • < 10 referred subscriptions
  • In total 25% referral share
  • You receive 15% kickback
  • 10% discount for the users you refer

Tier 2

  • > 10 and < 30 referred subscriptions
  • In total 30% referral share
  • You receive 20% kickback. Your users receive a 10% discount
  • You are able to customize the split between your kickback and your users discount how you like.

Tier 3

  • > 30 referred subscriptions
  • In total 35% referral share
  • Customizable split

After enabling the affiliate program you get your own link. Click on the copy button to copy & paste the link.

You are able to customize your own link. For example you can use your own nickname, Just click on the customize link:

Enter the link value you like:

And now you can share your customized link:

When you share the affiliate link with your friends or on social media everyone who clicks your referral link will see the registration page:

In case you give your users a discount it will be displayed in an info box. Every user who signs up through your referral link will be added to your referral user list.

1.6 Customize referral split

In case you reached tier 2 you are able to customize the referral split and define how much referral kickback you receive and how much discount you give to your referral users. In this example tier 2 has a total referral share of 30%

Click on the change button and use the slider to adjust the split:

Then click the "save" button and from now on the new split will be applied for every new user you refer. Your old users will keep their old discount.

1.7 Referral statistics

On the affiliate page you get an overview of your current referral status:

  • 1.) The total number of users who signed up through your referral link
  • 2.) The total number of bought subscriptions
  • 3.) Open referral earnings ready to request
  • 4.) Total paid referral earnings
  • 5.) The last 30 sign-ups
  • 6.) The last 30 payout requests

1.8 Request payout

You are able to request a payout when you have $15 or more open referral earnings. Just click on the "Request payout" button

In the following pop-up you can define the coin for the payment:

Enter your address and click "Request". After that you see the pending payout request indicated by the hourglass symbol:

The processing time may take 1-2 days. When the payment has been made you see a green check mark next to your request and by clicking on the link icon you will get to the transaction page of the coin you used.